Detailed knowledge of the forces in the human body are of crucial importance to the successful design and implantation of prosthetic devices. For planning of rehabilitative exercises and development and prescription of orthotics devices, the influence of external forces in the internal equilibrium is of utmost importance. The AnyBody Modeling System is the ideal tool for this purpose because it is capable of capturing the true complexity of the musculoskeletal system.

The Spline Model

This example illustrates the movement capabiliies of the spine model. The model is driven by a so-called spine rhythm, which links the positions of the individual spinal vertebrae to the relative position of the pelvis and the thorax. The basis of the function is the deformation of an elastic beam, and the rhythm has been experientally verified for movements in the saggital plane.

Notice that the model automatically shifts the pelvis oposite the upper body to maintain balance.