The AnyBody Modeling System™ is a software system for simulation of human movement. It can model smaller or larger subsets of the musculo-skeletal system (or the entire body) and compute muscle forces, joint reactions, metabolism, mechanical work, efficiency, etc. for given movements.

Any property of the AnyBody™ model is parametric, and the system can be used for optimization of movement patterns, working positions, anthropometric data, boundary conditions etc.

Technically, the system is characterized by the following properties: * It uses an optimization technique to solve the muscle recruitment problem and reverses this by means of other optimization techniques so that forward dynamics problems can also be treated. * It handles static and dynamic models. * Models are fully three-dimensional. * It runs on the MS Windows platform. * It handles very large models on small computers. It is entirely feasible to analyse a model with several hundreds of muscles on an ordinary PC. * Models are developed in the body modeling language AnyScript™.

The AnyBody Modeling System™ is self-contained. It does not build on top of any other platform or require any additional software to be installed.

Example: Shoulder to Hand Model

This example demonstrates the reaction of the shoulder model to forces in the hand of different directions and magnitudes.