Sports is all about maximizing the performance of the human body. The AnyBody Modeling System can provide a new understanding of the body's working conditions and the bottlenecks for improved performance. Furthermore, when those bottlenecks have been identified, the AnyBody Modeling System can help device exercises targeted at strengthening those precise points of the body.

In terms of the actual sports performance, the technology is mostly useful for repetitive and controlled movements, such as bicycling and rowing. However, for design of exercise programs and for rehabilitation after injury, the system is universally applicable for any physical sports performance.

Fitness equipment is a major field of application of the AnyBody Modeling System. The system's ability to model the mechanism of the machine and its interaction with the human body creates the opportunity of optimizing the machine's load of the muscular system.

The objective of this example is to adjust the eccentricity of the cable wheel such that the arm muscles experience a constant effort throughout the elbow flexion taking the change of moment arms of the muscles into account. The graph below shows the difference between a cable wheel with no eccentricity and one that has been adjusted based on the AnyBody simulation.