Sports is all about maximizing the performance of the human body. The AnyBody Modeling System can provide a new understanding of the body's working conditions and the bottlenecks for improved performance. Furthermore, when those bottlenecks have been identified, the AnyBody Modeling System can help device exercises targeted at strengthening those precise points of the body.

In terms of the actual sports performance, the technology is mostly useful for repetitive and controlled movements, such as bicycling and rowing. However, for design of exercise programs and for rehabilitation after injury, the system is universally applicable for any physical sports performance.

Baseball swing

This is actually not a real baseball swing. In the absence of correct movement data the model is driven by made-up joint angle variations and trajectories for the bat. The blue and red dots in the model represent interpolation points for the bat trajectories. It would not be difficult to impose the true movement from a motion capture experiment.